Night Cisterns

Remember the other day when I promised (or, maybe, threatened) that there’d be more photos of the cemetery cisterns? And, look – here they are again!

What happened is that on the first visit to this little cemetery, the Patient Spouse and I completely overlooked the fact that the cemetery had a giant “security light” right in the middle of the place. And because we’d overlooked the light, we thought that going to the cemetery to look at NEOWISE might afford me the opportunity to get some comet + grave images. So imagine our dismay on comet night when we were about a quarter of a mile away and felt like moths being drawn to the flame of the light. And just like that, the comet + grave concept was done.

And then later, the comet was shy, hiding behind clouds.

Not to be deterred, I decided to implement Part One of the cisterns project.

Pearce Cemetery
Hale County, Texas
photographed 7.18.2020

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  1. Ah, well at least the cisterns weren’t hidden by cloud!


  2. Glad you went back!


  3. Did you also do any abstract closeups of the textures on the cisterns?


    • No. Not yet, anyway. I am a little bit smitten with the cisterns, though, and plan frequent return visits – it’s only a 30 minute drive. And there are lots of patches on that old concrete that would be strong possibilities for images.


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