Cloud Swirl

My rule to look around back came in handy the other night. We’d gone out to try to see the comet NEOWISE but the clouds made that plan unworkable. I turned around to see what was behind us (photographically speaking), and that’s when I spotted this fantastic cloud.

Pearce Cemetery
Hale County, Texas
photographed 7.18.2020

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  1. This is a wonderful shot, Linda. And a good lesson to turn around. That’s one I should be more aware of, myself.


  2. There are literally thousands of great Neowise images on the net (none by me). I bet there is only this one of that sky and it’s a beauty.


  3. As I said on Instagram, leave it to Mel to go looking for a comet in a cemetery. But, beautiful consolation prize.


  4. I also did clouds in lieu of comet, and Steve Gingold tipped me off to yours.


    • Steve – I looked at your cloud-in-lieu-of-comet photo, which made me laugh! Suspend all rules – that’s what I say!

      I read your bio, too, and realized that since I’ve taken Texas Highways approximately forever, I must surely have seen your work before.


  5. I’m a cloud fan .. and that’s wonderful! 🙂


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