Custer died a runnin’

Back in the olden days, the Patient Spouse visited this location, which back then was known as the Custer Battlefield. Since then, the name’s been changed to something less Euro-centric, the Little Bighorn National Battleground. But, either way, it’s where in 1876 General George Custer and his troops battled Lakota and Cheyenne warriors, and came out on the losing end. Over 263 U.S. troops were killed, including Custer. The Lakota and Cheyenne were camped along the river – the trees at the bottom of this hill. The markers in this photo show where U.S. troops fell; the marker in the center, the one with the dark area, shows where Custer’s body was found.

The band Cowboy Celtic has a song called “Custer Died A Runnin'” and of course the song was on my mind. It was on my mind to the point that we played it several times while we drove through the park.

Little Bighorn National Battleground, Montana
photographed 8.28.2020

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  1. First, I should say that I am not anti-American…entirely.
    Having said that, it has always troubled me that American history has always ben able take military defeat and turn it into heroic victory.
    This song (Custer Died a Runnin) sets the record straight.
    Custer was a bad general and a worse human being. His tactical blunders and his personal arrogance were responsible for the loss of an entire regiment. Troops under his command were very good at murdering women and children, but not so great when it came to fighting well-led skilled warriors on equal ground.
    In fact, the record shows that they were cowards, not the heroic figures portrayed in American history.

    There are other examples, but Custer ranks near the top of the list.


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