Passenger Seat View

The Patient Spouse will be the second one to tell you that I am generally a terrible passenger on road trips. (I’d be the first, as I am well aware of the situation.) I get bored and fidgety. I get motion sickness if I try to read. Or if the road is too bumpy or curvy or if the driving is a little too aggressive. To my credit, though, I can play podcasts and music. And if I’m playing music, I can often offer important background information to the listener and some of that information may be in fact true. And also, to my credit, I am a really good navigator.

So, anyway, the PS and I were both more than a little worried that our vacation unexpectedly transformed itself from an easy flight to Spokane into a 4,000 mile road trip. I took ginger supplements and drank real-ginger ginger ale to combat the motion sickness. I didn’t even try to read. I found lots of important podcasts to listen to (let me know if you’d like any details about the history of miniature golf). I drove. But sometimes, I did still get fidgety. Like this moment, captured right here.

Weld County, Colorado
photographed 8.27.2020

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