All the new pandemic graves, 1

There were more new graves at this cemetery than I’d ever noticed before, surely a result of the 626 COVID deaths* in Lubbock.

I had a philosophical argument with myself over even making this image (and the two that will follow). It seemed intrusive in a way that my normal cemetery images don’t. But it also seemed historically important, also in a way that my regular cemetery images don’t.

History won.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.29.2020
Nathan Harvey, drone pilot

*As of 1.14.2021.

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  1. Historically important indeed. Very familiar with that self-argument. How do I do this in a way that’s reflecting a time, an earnestness, a piece of the human condition without reducing it or stripping it of its dignity, without turning it into a diversion or intruding upon something so anguished and painful…I struggle a lot with that myself- I feel there’s something I need to say but I am still probing for a way in which to do so that doesn’t objectify, distract or diminish.

    Sheesh am I babbling- my point is, you’ve done an excellent job, these deeply affecting images are very important and painful and relevant and needed. Thanks for sharing them, Melinda. All the best- autumn jade


    • You weren’t babbling at all – I have all those same arguments/discussions with myself all the time. But I think we are right to have them, and to have a clear (or clear-ish idea about what we are trying to do and what our boundaries are.

      I got my start as a photographer when I spent 10 years photographing roadside memorials. When I started that project, my main rule was that I would not only never rearrange anything at the site to make it more photographically pleasing but that I wouldn’t even touch anything. So I’ve been wrangling with this since the beginning…

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