Another day, another polar vortex image. I have to say, even though I don’t like cold weather at all, that this snow was very pretty as it feel with a nice greenhouse in the background.

There were, of course, horrible problems across most of the state as a result of the weather, and people were without power, had frozen water pipes, had to boil drinking water*, and had flooding in their homes when the water thawed. People died, too, which is an unimaginable tragedy. Lubbock escaped almost all of that, which makes me feel a little weird about continuing to post my “Look at the pretty snow!” images. But it was an historic snowfall, and I did my photographic job to document it.

But, I would like my reader(s) to send good thoughts to the very many Texans who suffered from this weather event.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.14.2021

*And if you know how you are supposed to boil water when you don’t have power, I’d be happy for you to tell me…

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  1. Nice use of elements Melinda. Without the snow it would be an entirely different picture. Keeping all of you in Texas in prayer …


    • Frank – thank you so much for your concern. My part of Texas was very lucky – we are in the very small part of the state that is not on the big (failed) power grid. At my house we were only without electricity for 30 minutes. My heart breaks for the people who were without power and water for days; the level of catastrophic failures is beyond comprehension and understanding.

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