the cartmaker’s apprentice

I used to say I would “never” take pictures of people. I said that a lot. I believed it, too. In fact, I would actively avoid shooting scenes with people in them. There were a lot of reasons, but mostly (probably) I was just too nervous to try.

And then…well, then I met up with Don Toothaker and he spent a good bit of time over the past couple of years telling me that I needed to get over my damn self and take pictures of people already. (That’s paraphrasing. Possible.) Anyway, then he led a photography tour of Sicily and I started photographing people. You’ve seen some of those images here, maybe. I was pretty happy with myself for overcoming a barrier that I’d set for myself (which, honestly, is the way most of my barriers are: set by me, without any real reason for their establishment).

But then, pressing the point, Don pretty much told me to make a portrait of this man. Don had already made his photos, and all I had to do was stand where he did and press the shutter release.

And here we are. Sometimes, I barely recognize the photographer that I am becoming.

Ragusa Ibla, Sicily
photographed 9.7.2022

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  1. same here. when I started photographing, all my images were empty of people. Theu the magic happened, i photographed someone by mistake and loved the result i got. Now people is my preferred object of photography. Im running to mountains and to forests whey get tired of people but i always return back.


  2. Back in the day, I never included people, but I ‘got over myself’ about a decade ago……and it adds a whole new dimension.


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