the modest maiden

One thing about aimless wandering through an unfamiliar city is that the history of the places you’ll wander past isn’t something you’re necessarily aware of.

Here’s an example – we found this fountain because we turned down a dark passageway and there it was.

I liked the modest maiden, so I made her photograph.

When I sat down to write this post, I looked up the location on a map and discovered it’s the Fontana Pretoria. Further research led me to this fascinating bit of knowledge: The fountain was originally built in 1544 in Florence, but was sold, transferred, and reassembled* in Palermo in 1574. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the fountain was considered to depict the corrupt municipality of Palermo. For this reason – and because of the nude statues, it became known as Piazza della Vergogna (or Square of Shame). In 1998 a five-year restoration project began.

So anyway, that maiden’s been modest now for nearly 480 years.

Fontana Pretoria
Palermo, Sicily
photographed 8.29.2022

*Mostly. Some parts of it went missing.

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  1. James May recently did an “Our Man in Italy” series on Amazon Prime where he notes a lot of statues in Italy are missing parts (likely due to shifting morals throughout time).


  2. Must look up Our Man in Italy


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