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Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, at least according to home design shows on television. This one’s still in the development stage, I guess.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 5.7.2016

A confusion


The Klyde Warren Park in Dallas was sort of expensive*.

But for the money, the park got a very interesting pavilion with polished chrome panels that give interesting – if confusing – reflections of the urban landscape. (I’d try to explain what’s real and what’s a reflection, but now that I think about it – upon reflection, as it were – I don’t think it matters. And also, I’m not sure I could tell you.)

Dallas, Texas
photographed 1.10.2015


One detail spoiled everything


You knew this: that I almost never take photos of new buildings. I like old ones better.

But, when you are walking around downtown Dallas with your friend (we’ll call him “Carlos” but only because that’s his name), there’s a lot more new stuff to look at than anything else.

This place, then. I am very fond of the glass blocks, lined up like huge ice cubes.  I like the way the light reflects off the column on the right into the window, making a lighter rectangle on top of everything.  I like the long shadow, the way it angles down, goes straight across the wall, and then angles down again; that’s a very nice shadow line.

But what I saw when I took the picture and can’t bring myself to un-see is that duplex outlet, right there in plain sight.  Why, architect of this building, did you let that happen?  I want to believe that you knew how that reflected light would work, how the shadow’s angles would be so appealing, that you’d thought about all of it and made very sound design decisions.  But a wall outlet?  That was the very best place to put an outlet? You’re sure, architect of this building?

Dallas, Texas
photographed 3.19.2011

Sometimes I go to the city


I can understand why anyone who stops by here on a regular basis might think the largest town I’ve ever been to is Muleshoe, Texas (population 5,217), but I have actually gone to some larger towns. Like Brownfield – population 9,675. Or Levelland – population 13,517. Or Sweetwater – population 10,447.

And this one time? I went to Dallas.

downtown Dallas
photographed 3.19.2011

Full disclosure #1: If you think I chose the town examples because their names are funny and/or descriptive, you are correct.
Full disclosure #2: I’ve actually been to Dallas more than just the one time.

Risk management


I love the bottom three rungs of this ladder: they have a distinct “rustic” or “artisanal” feel to them, don’t you think?

But I am not a risk manager. Or a safety officer.

I am just alley-roaming photographer.

Lubbock, Texas

photographed 1.6.2013

PS – For those of you keeping score at home, this is post #400 here at One Day | One Image.

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