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Mike & me


That’s my friend Mike, over there on the other side of the little church. We were exploring…

I like how our shutter fingers are in the same positions.

Santa Inez Church
Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 3.25.2018

Annotated bridge

The underside of the Pecos River bridge is a popular place to share opinions on a variety of subjects.

Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 3.25.2018

In the cradle of the valley’s hand


You have to be going there on purpose, to this tiny town on the banks of the Pecos River south of Santa Rosa. It’s so unknown that Google maps will either direct you to Luna, New Mexico, which isn’t it, or will send you to what looks like more-or-less a random location. The only way I even knew about it was from reading one of those cheerful “Welcome to Santa Rosa” booklets once at a restaurant. (If you want to go, just take South 3rd Street from downtown Santa Rosa. It’ll change names to State Highway 91, County Road 2P, and County Road 3C by the time you get there.

This is the view from a little cemetery on a hill east of town.

Puerta de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

March 5

Down State Route 91, south of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, is a tiny place called Puerta de Luna. It’s not really on the route to anywhere, but it’s a nice enough drive, as the road winds between the Pecos River and red cliffs.

The town was settled in 1863, and thrived until it lost the position of county seat to Santa Rosa. It’s claim to fame is that Billy The Kid ate his 1880 Chrstmas dinner in the home of Don Alejandro and Dona Secundina Grzelachowski.

It is also locally famous for its green chile, known as PDL.

Also – and I can’t decide if this is sad or entertaining – Google maps locates it incorrectly. So if you want to go, you’d have better luck with MapQuest. Or a state highway map.

Puerta de Luna, New Mexico

photographed 8.7.2011

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