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I like how the golden color of those cairns is mirrored in the wheat fields below.

Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington
photographed 9.1.2020

Endless Grain

And, finally, we’ve arrived at what we drove all that way to look at: the Palouse. I’ve wanted to go there for ten years; my expectations were very high, both in terms of photographic value and in beauty of landscape. I was not disappointed in either.

A chatty fellow at a cafe told me that I was there at the “wrong” time, that June was when I ought to have visited because that’s when the famous Palouse wheat fields are green. In spite of that, I am glad I went in the fall, when the harvest was underway. The fields, all in different stages of the harvest, were different colors and textures. And they changed every day.

Steptoe Butte, Washington
photographed 9.1.2020

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