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A walk in the woods, and a lovely back-lit plant.

near Wimberley, Texas
photographed 1.19.2019

Corn-shaped Cornbread


I can’t recall why I ended up in Wimberley, or how I decided to check out the huge monthly flea market (over 450 vendors). But I guess it was worth the five bucks to park because I saw this fantastic cornbread pan, which is just like the kind my mom used. As an added benefit, someone (the vendor? a previous shopper?) had made this artful arrangement of cast iron pans.

Wimberley, Texas
photographed 10.6.2012

October 10

This is a COMPLETELY wild guess on my part, but I think a Flower Seed Cleaner might be used to clean flower seeds. At any rate, if you are in need of used (possible broken) one, there’s a certain junk store that you might want to visit.

along Ranch Road 12
Hays County, Texas

photographed 10.6.2012

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