First Date


In the summer of 1974, I went to this restaurant for a date with a boy who would go on to become my ex-boyfriend.

The restaurant fared better, and lasted until just a couple of years ago. New owners decided on a full-scale renovation before re-opening; unfortunately they were in over their heads and the renovation wasn’t completed. The building’s vacant and nothing seems to be going on there at all. Except for the usual incremental deterioration, which will probably only get noticed after it’s too late to stop it.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 8.27.2016

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  1. So this is a pre-dilapidation photo?


  2. Lots to ponder with the added history.


  3. The restaurant where my wife and i first went out is still open… but we don’t go there; she is on enteral (tube-feeding), to a large extent, due to complications with neck surgery, and can’t eat most of the restaurant meals.


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