Pool Car


I guess the only thing I like better than a parking garage is a parking garage at night…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.31.2015

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  1. Love it ! How many images do you think you’ve taken during this sites beginning? Counting the deleted ones.


    • Interesting question. And so I did some research. Utilizing the EXIF tab in Preview, I know that I’ve taken 48,937 images with my current cameras. Add in cameras I don’t have any longer, and photos I’ve made on my phone, I would guess the number is somewhere around 60,000. Wow. That’s a lot.

      It also means that I’ve only posted about 5% of the images I’ve made. For whatever that’s worth.

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  2. I have an aversion to parking garage photography ever since that time we photographed some together.

    I looked at the frame actuation count on one of my cameras recently and it was pushing 100k, in less than 5 years. Thanks in part to time lapse photography which can consume 1 or 2k images for a (very) short video. Shooting film has slowed that rate down a lot, which is probably a good thing.


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