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Art from a vending machine

I really like it when old places get to have a new life.

So I pretty happy that this ruin may be getting another chance. A local group worked on cleaning up the place and then hosted a pop-up art show the other Saturday. A local ceramics artist, Kendra McCartney, used this vintage vending machine to sell her tiny pots.

Here’s a news report on the project. And maybe the place is haunted?

The Cliffhouse Project
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.9.2017

An exuberance

The array of summer flowers is dependent on winter moisture; every summer looks a little different. These flowers got plenty of whatever it was they needed – they were blooming all over the northeastern corner of New Mexico.

Grenville, New Mexico
photographed 8.26.2017

“Over there,” says arrow

I stopped on Main Street in Lawn to see what there was to see. I stepped through a roofless shell of a building and found an arrow pointing to…something.

Lawn, Texas
photographed 8.6.2017

Those teeth, though

I am impressed that the wooden bunny took the time to get his/her teeth whitened. I think that shows a level of personal hygiene that’s not often seen in yard-art animals.

Georgetown, Colorado
photographed 8.28.2017

At high altitudes, hydration is important

I didn’t personally drink from this particular water fountain. Instead, I found, well, beer at the Guanella Pass Brewing Company.

Georgetown, Colorado
photographed 8.27.2017

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