Prairie Style

It’s probably hard to tell from my usual posts, but I know a couple of things about architecture. Which is sort of pathetic, really, since I’ve got an actual degree in architecture. But that’s neither here nor there.

Prairie style architecture, according to this link*, is “marked by its integration with the surrounding landscape, horizontal lines, flat…roofs…, and restraint in the use of decoration.” So it’s no wonder that this scene seemed to be a fine example!

Roundup, Texas
photographed 12.17.2017

*WARNING: if you go to the link, be prepared for that very annoying white-text-on-black-background that is nearly impossible to read.

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  1. Just shows Frank Lloyd didn’t go far enough in his designs. Thanks for the link.


  2. Gee, then I had to research Marion Mahoney Griffen. Is there no end to my madness ? Woe is me !


  3. I bow to experience.

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