The Anointing

I have rules for myself when I’m making pictures, which I almost never break. And so, when I was in the Methodist church right before I visited this one, I went to the pulpit and looked around, and checked out the view from the organ. But in a Catholic church? I don’t go past the railing. It’s a Rule.

But I have been known to lean back against it to get a particular shot. Like this one right here. The placement of Jesus’s cross in the shot was important to me, so a certain amount of railing-lean was required.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
High Hill, Texas
photographed 1.12.2018

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  1. Capturing the perfect image truly is a gift. One which I do not possess, lol.

    Which is why I appreciate peeps such as yourself

    Peace and pictures


  2. I forgive you. Which is not worth much.


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