Going back to go forward

At some point, this building will become the new city hall – or Citizens Tower, which I suppose is a fancier way to say the same thing.

The City of Lubbock is posting “monthly” updates on the construction progress, which seems like an effort to be more “transparent” and to “not piss off everyone in town over the $46 million price tag.” Interestingly, though, the “monthly” updates haven’t been posted since December. Whatever that means…

But on the other hand, it’s nice that there’s a big renovation project going on downtown.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.20.2018

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  1. Just like politicians. Nice shot despite the lack of their sharing.


    • Before the City purchased this place, it was l literally falling apart: big pieces of granite were falling off so frequently that the streets were closed. At least it’s getting renovated. And now that I think about it, this will be the second time the City has renovated a vacant building for City Hall. The current one, where they’ve been for over 30 years, used to be the downtown Sears store.


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