Why we can’t have nice things

Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t turn the sofa over. Don’t leave your beer can on the counter. Don’t leave all that trash on the floor.

And don’t leave the curtains open so photographers can look inside.*

Causey, New Mexico
photographed 3.30.2018

*For the record, I only look inside places I am sure are vacant.

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  1. Uh-oh…..seen better days!


  2. Just so the photographer hasn’t seen better days. I suspect she was drawn by the rectangles which have power over her. And aren’t squares, such as on the sofa, just short rectangles?


    • Well, I HAVE seen better ones. But I’ve also seen ones that are a lot worse. All in all, though, the balance tips pretty heavily toward good days!

      Just for fun, I think I am going to teach my little granddaughter to call squares “short rectangles.” Thanks for the good idea – her parents and teachers will be so happy!


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