Somewhat less than it was

I’ve been pretty busy at my real job and was starting to get a little twitchy because I hadn’t been out with my camera. Only one thing to do in a situation like that: the work stuff can wait (and indeed. it was still there when I got back on Monday), but that twitchy feeling’s only going to get worse unless I get out and shoot.

I got out my big atlas (The Roads of Texas) and selected a destination, then cross-checked it with a quick Google street-view look, and off I went.

This wasn’t my actual destination*, but it was a nice thing to spot along the way, a clear reminder that Wilson, Texas, used to be able to support a block-long business district.

Wilson, Texas
photographed 7.28.2018

*A swing set at a tiny crossroads town in Crosby County. That’s what I saw on street-view. Stick around – that photo will post in a few more days…

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  1. Nice. Ready for the other shot.


  2. You don’t seem to mention the picture in this post in this post.


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