Seven Tanks

The only plans we had for the entire day were to, at some point, eat with friends in Lincoln, and then make it to our hotel in Omaha. That was a good plan, because it gave us the couple of hours that we took to explore the World War II-era Naval ammunition depot on the outskirts of Hastings, Nebraska.

I am fairly certain these tanks are newer than the WWII stuff that’s still around. Behind them, in an area where we couldn’t access, is something called the Rocket Motor Loading Plant, which makes me pretty sure we didn’t get to see the really cool things that are there. But the map of the driving tour said it was “absolutely imperative” to stay on the marked roads* and that trespassing could “result in substantial fines or even arrest.” I may be a rebel sometimes, but I didn’t feel too much like risking arrest…or even substantial fines.

Hastings, Nebraska
photographed 8.29.2018

*The so-called marked path was actually almost impossible to locate at first. It ended up being the road where I said – with just tons and tons of confidence! – that there was “absolutely no way” it was that road. Ha! Ha! I am a lot of fun to travel with!

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  1. Love it as well as the adventure.


  2. Great processing! I love a bit of contrast!


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