Bob the Bridge

When I was first planning a trip to Omaha, I Googled “things to see Omaha” and the first hit was…a pedestrian bridge. I’m not going to lie – that made me rethink our travel plans. But then, I realized it’s not just any pedestrian bridge – it’s a pedestrian bridge that’s over 3,000 feet long and that crosses the Missouri River and that spans two states.

And when we got there (because how could I resist that kind of an attraction?), we discovered that the bridge has adopted a persona, sort of a wise-ass one, called Bob.

Check out what ol’ Bob has to say about being 0.9 of a marathon long. You’ll see what I mean about the wise-ass persona…

(Also, on a slightly more relevant note for a photography blog, this is a shot from the Iowa side, looking toward downtown Omaha.)

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Council Bluffs, Iowa
photographed 8.31.2018

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  1. I think I would like Bob and his attitude.


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