Fountains in low light

I like to read reviews on Yelp, but only bad reviews. I like to see what sorts of things people find to complain about. It’s just astonishing the things people think matter*. One of the reviews of this place, the Gene Leahy Mall, said “…we misunderstood this to be a shopping mall and kept looking for one until I realized that it was a park.” So, um, yeah: it’s a mall in the same way that the National Mall in D.C. is a mall.

This mall had some very nice water features, especially when the light was getting slanty in the afternoon.

Gene Leahy Mall
Omaha, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2018

*Sometimes, though, things ARE worth complaining about.**

**When I had a career in public transit, a woman called to complain on her bus operator. She reported, “He said ‘good morning’ to me, but he didn’t mean it.” That’s an example of a very funny complaint but one that’s not even worth the time to phone in and report.

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  1. I’m all for slanty light, Melinda!!


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