Quilt Show (do not touch)

I cannot over-emphasize how much fun we had at the Nebraska State Fair. And we truly enjoyed the quilt show – they were stunning works of art.  And my impression that people in Nebraska fill up those long winters (which I believe last upwards of 16 months per year) by making quilts is a complete stereotype, and surely wrong. But still, the quilts were beautiful.

Each quilt came with a little sign that said, “Please do not touch.” It was almost impossible, though, to not touch them. I wanted to feel those tiny stitches, notice the different textures of the fabrics, and just rest my hands on them and think about the hands that did the work.

Nebraska State Fair
Grand Island, Nebraska
photographed 8.28.2018

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  1. So true MGH. Quilts,furniture,old tools,old home sites and such.


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