All the little ants

I was only three days out from attending a Dave Matthews Band concert, so who can blame me for having the lyrics to “Ants Marching” running through my head when I saw this…

Nebraska State Fair
Grand Island, Nebraska
photographed 8.28.2018

NOTE: To be clear, DMB was not appearing at the Nebraska State Fair. As far as I am aware.

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  1. Nice catch. Kept eyeing the ant food booths.


    • We ate at a place that’s not visible in this photo, and we chose it for one reason: it had a Fry Hole. Yes! It was labeled and everything! What happened was that you’d order at a window, and they’d hand you out your burger or whatever. If you’d ordered fries, then you’d step down to the Fry Hole (a little opening in the wall) and in a minute a disembodied hand would place a basket of fries on a shelf. It was my favorite thing! (Also, “fry hole” can be a family- and work-friendly swear word.)


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