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Those pinch-pleated drapes were surely hung with pride, the fabric and color selection carefully considered. And then it all came down to this, a typical situation in typical times, to paraphrase the Dave Matthews Band.

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 5.10.2020

All the little ants

I was only three days out from attending a Dave Matthews Band concert, so who can blame me for having the lyrics to “Ants Marching” running through my head when I saw this…

Nebraska State Fair
Grand Island, Nebraska
photographed 8.28.2018

NOTE: To be clear, DMB was not appearing at the Nebraska State Fair. As far as I am aware.



I spend around an hour and half every day in my car, driving back and forth to work. I listen to the radio* all the time. I have a lot of random lyrics stuck in my head.

Sometimes those lyrics pop up when I am not expecting them. Like when I saw this house and its four satellite dishes, and there was Dave Matthews in my head, singing:

Satellite dish in my yard
Tell me more, tell me more
Who’s the king of your Satellite Castle?

If you want this song in YOUR head (and who wouldn’t want that, really?), here’s a handy link.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 1.25.2014

*This is neither here nor there (probably), but I listen to satellite radio.

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