Five Blades

I take a lot of photos in cemeteries* but every now and then when I visit one, I’m not feeling it. But on those times when it all starts to run together, I can almost always find interesting things at the caretaker’s shack.

This was one of those times – the cemetery itself held little interest. But this: the glass was gone and the fan was on (even though no one was around and the shack was locked**) pulling damp air inside.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.6.2018

*Even though one of my photography teachers (let’s just call him “Keith Carter” since that was his name) was adamant about not shooting cemeteries. But then again, he’s famous and I’m not, for what that’s worth.
**Of course I checked.

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  1. I too have a fascination for cemeteries, the old Victorian ones where the deceased carried over their status into the next world and created a mini universe of mini palaces distraught angels and the like.


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