Sometimes things that are intended to be useful don’t quite work out.

Maps to a large cemetery are a very good idea. And a rack to hold them? Genius!

An empty rack, though, isn’t particularly useful. In fact, it seemed like was taunting us just a little…

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.6.2018

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  1. On online directory would be good too. My Grandparents are buried in Queens, NY, and since my father died, I have no way of findingtheir graves.


    • That’s a sad thing, and I hope you can figure out a way to locate their graves.

      My mother-in-law is buried in Nebraska, and that cemetery has a kiosk at the gate that’s connected to a database, which makes it very easy to locate specific graves. I’ve been to a lot of cemeteries and that’s the only time I’ve seen anything that helpful.


  2. Moody lighting that fits this shot.


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