Modes of modern travel

The American Southwest is dotted with motels that didn’t make it. Travel patterns changed, towns not on the Interstate highway system got smaller, air travel became more affordable, people were in too much of a hurry to even consider an overnight stay in a place like Encino, New Mexico.

And, so, here, the Photography Gods blessed me with an illustration of how all those things impacted the Encino Motel, which could not be saved by new management and/or low rates.

Encino, New Mexico
photographed 3.23.2019

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  1. To me, one of the saddest things about the Southwest is hundreds (thousands?) of failed businesses scattered throughout the countryside, all preserved, presumably forever, by the dry desert air. You have said in earlier posts that every picture tells a story. This one apparently tells several.


  2. I agree. Even here in Knoxville TN. it took decades for “Downtown “ to even begin to recover from I-40/75 .


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