That guy is crazy

Are you confused by this little run of rodeo photos? Are you wondering if my blog has been hacked? What happened to all the derelict buildings I usually photograph?

I’m a little confused by it, too.

Here’s the thing: for the past 10 months, I’ve been working on a project documenting the end of our local auditorium/coliseum facility, which will be demolished before the end of the summer. The rodeo was the last-ever event in the coliseum, so of course I was there. The project, titled “Years of Dreaming,” will debut in August, at a show here in Lubbock. Watch the blog for more information on that.

Another thing that I am confused about is freestyle bullfighting, pictured here, where apparently a man tries to earn points by getting into the ring with a bull. “Crazy” hardly covers it. Maybe “batshit crazy” gets a little closer. Also, the term badass has been used to describe the sport.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, back to the usual stuff.

ABC Pro Rodeo
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.5.2019

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  1. Amazing shot. As I have commented in the past, you have provided one frame of a movie. The right frame. I can imagine the rest.


  2. I think of those jokes and videos that start with, “ Hey Bubba, watch this !”.


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