There usually is a lone wolf

In any given crowd, there’s probably going to be at least one lone wolf. It was nice of this gentleman to self-identify: it saved us all some time.

ABC Pro Rodeo
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.5.2019

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  1. The skulls with the flag is maybe an omen. But the boots hold my attention. You know how to find them ! You’re really getting to be a people person MGH. Scary.


    • It IS scary, isn’t it? What’s happening? But notice that I’m more or less creeping on these people, photographing them from behind. But it seems like a slippery slope in many ways, and I am nervous about where it might head. Who knows – maybe I’ll spring for a new iPad and start photographing weddings…!


  2. More than likely “Lone Wolf” , which is a trailer fabricator, is a sponsor of the cowboy. Or his nickname. 😁


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