A bit of a discrepancy

I was in town to attend the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference. One of the activities was a walking tour of the Tenderloin, where we were accompanied by a neon sign expert and an expert in typography; it was the best conference activity I’ve ever participated in.

This sign was a treat to see – there are a couple of interesting things going on with it. To start with, the name of the store is “Jack’s” according to the metal sign, and “Mack’s” if you want to believe the neon. Similarly, the “tailor” on the metal part is changed to “pressing” in neon. But at least “cleaners” is consistent.

And if that’s not enough – although it surely could be! – check out the plastic sign above the neon one. It’s got a lot going on, too.

My thanks to Al Barna and Dr. Shelley Gruendler for being so smart and funny; I look at urbanscapes in a whole new way, thanks to them!

Post Street
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.14.2019

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  1. Richard Owen

    Lots going on there. Guess one has to “ go with the flow “ with such confusing signage. I see why you enjoyed the tour.


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