On reflection

“Look up!” That’s what I kept telling myself as I walked around San Francisco. And my apologies to anyone I may have walked into while I was looking up…

O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.14.2019

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  1. lovely image & how true the statement: camera in hand ‘always look up &/or behind’ 🙂


    • I was in a photography class this spring and one of the students was showing images from Iceland; she said, “I looked for where everyone was stopped to get photos, and stopped there, too. And then I looked in the OTHER direction.” She had beautiful images, too.

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  2. Richard Owen

    Love it. Noticed you were being beat he’d.

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  3. Nice one Melinda. Lovely and crisp black and white.


  4. Richard Owen

    You were being watched I see. Spell check strikes again .


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