Letter Box

And here we have another example of my looking inside something, or at least letting my camera look around and capture what was there. In this case, the camera was very kind and captured the World’s Shiniest Floor™ and the World’s Last Letterbox*.

Good work, camera.

(There’s been some talk in the past – and I am looking right at you, Ehpem – that I carry a vat of Photographer’s Floor Shine™ with me on my travels. I can state without reservation that I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations.)

New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.14.2019


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  1. Richard Owen

    Beautiful. And what if you do carry wax with you. It is all for a greater cause. I would be honored to tote your wax around.


  2. Wonderful composition. Are you absolutely sure that’s a floor?


  3. Ha, ha..lovely shot of the aforementioned postbox plus wax.


  4. Gorgeous composition and light!


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