Cardboard and rain

The town of Refugio was heavily damaged by Hurricane Harvey, and as with Woodsboro, there is still plenty of visible damage. Scenes like this – with remnants of what used to be piled up – are repeated over and over. That it was raining the day I was there made it somehow much worse to think about.

“We didn’t have a loss of life so I’ll save using the word devastating, but it was close to it,” said Refugio County Judge Robert Blaschke, who also serves as the county’s emergency director. “Especially for property owners, it will sting for a long time.”  (from the Austin American-Statesman, December 11, 2018)

Refugio, Texas
photographed 5.7.2019

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  1. In every rotting cardboard box, a hope. In every shopping cart, a dream.


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