Shadow Line


Sorry. I hope the warning worked and you weren’t too shocked.

Here’s the thing: I took my camera with me to the garden center because I haven’t been taking many photos lately and I sort of couldn’t come up with a better place to shoot. We were going there anyway, see, and it would give me something to do while the Patient Spouse got the [insert garden-y thing here] that he was looking for.

I think you see my point: this would have been pointless in black and white.

Thank you for your indulgence while I strayed away. I’ll be back tomorrow, all black and white, like usual.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 7.20.2019

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  1. After recovering from my initial shock , and getting back up from the floor, this is a really nice image. In my case the WARNING was of no use.


    • Maybe I should have posted JUST the warning first, and then followed up with the actual post later?

      Of course, we here at One Day | One Image take our reader(s)’s safety very seriously, and urge you to contact our risk manager at your earliest convenience so that we can file an incident report.


  2. 😘😄😂🤭

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  3. Have you ever played around with eliminating all the colors but one from an image? I find it really fun sometimes.


  4. Yellow and black stripes usually mean warning. So you warned about a warning.


  5. Just when you think you’ve got someone pegged…BAM. Right between the eyes. Interesting…$108.00 for a “Little Red” Bistro chair and they can’t even get the color right. It is a honey of a chair, though.


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