A hostile landscape and a threatening storm: there should have been a warning that only the most fearless of us should enter.

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.3.2014

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  1. Wow! What a sight


  2. Love this image. Kinda reminds me of Zion N.P. If I didn’t live near my beloved GSMNP , I would want to live near Zion.


  3. Amazing landscape and b&w tonality & texture!


  4. A place for you and Ansel and Georgia. This knocks me out.


  5. Awesome landscape capture! I hope you didn’t get caught in the storm!


    • Thank you, Robert. We did get caught in the very edge of the storm, and then when the sane people in our group returned to Santa Fe, the less-sane of us drove higher into the mountains so we could be closer to the storm – we wanted to take photos of lightning, of course!

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