Under observation

Remember yesterday, when I said I looked through a broken window and found no surprises?

I thought the same thing was going on here, in the very next window to the east. I saw those scales and the three slants of light, and got the shot. Later, when I got home and downloaded the SD card, I saw what I had somehow missed in the moment – that owl (and those talons!). And there was my surprise…

Hale County, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

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  1. He looks like lord of all….those talons, indeed…..


  2. Looks like its time to recalibrate the scales.


  3. I’ve missed more than my share of unseen details but none so cool as a barred owl. Lucky you.


  4. What a beautiful steampunk moment, an owl, gears, and a sword by a shaft of light. Nice.


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