…and it begins

It’s only been fourteen years since we bought this land out in the country and started designing a house. The house went through a lot of designs before we settled on one. And twice before now we got all the way to getting prices. And three years ago we nearly ditched the whole idea. But anyway, there’s no turning back now.

The contractor says it’ll take three months, but just to keep what sanity I currently posess, I’m preparing myself for this to take seven or eight months. But don’t worry – I’ll be sure and keep you all posted on the progress.

Yellowhouse Canyon
Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 11.15.2019

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  1. Good luck with the construction. Even small renovations can drive one crazy. It certainly doesn’t look like you’ll have to worry about nosy neighbors.


    • We’ve done a lot of renovation work to our house and it’s always longer/costlier/dustier than we anticipated!

      This new place is on a private road with 7 other lots – we’re at the far end and there’s a cotton field on the other side, so we’re pretty well isolated in case anyone decides to be nosy…


  2. Best of luck. It looks like not only no nosy neighbors but also no noisy neighbors.

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  3. Oh my, wonderful place to have your home..


  4. Good things take time … Congrats!


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