the light of the world

I first visited this place in May, and a return trip so soon seemed sort of redundant: I wasn’t sure there would be any new photographic opportunities. But still, we were in the area and it seemed silly to not stop.

This shot was – I thought – about the light on the wall between those two pews. And then, Photoshop helped me to see that it was really about the weird sunlight on the left side, radiating outward from the statue and crucifix. (This is the second blog appearance by the statue.)

Presidio la Bahía
Goliad, Texas
photographed 11.24.2019

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  1. Great elements and Light, Melinda. It is amazing what you find after the photo shoot, and sometimes when I look at archives months or years letter. I’m going let you in on I little secret .. when I shoot digital I have the LCD screen on the back turned off, so I use it like a film camera. So, yes, the only difference is I can look at the images back at the computer and not wait days for the ‘film’ to be processed.


    • There are lots of times when I’m looking back through older images and things I overlooked the first time jump right out at me. Part of it is my increasing abilities with Photoshop – I know more about how to pull out parts of images and so forth. And part of is that I just see things differently; in that way, it’s similar to my written work, which sometimes ages better than I though it would. (Usually not, though, which explains why I am more of a photographer than I am a writer.)

      I almost never look at the screen on the back of my camera. I shoot a manual-focus camera and it’s easier to focus through the rangefinder, especially in bright light when the screen’s hard to see.

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