Window Treatment

The windows at this church were covered with heavy screens, which had an interesting moire pattern from the inside.

And look, there to the right of the window, where something used to hang on the wall. Only the nail and a lighter-than-the-wall rectangle remain.

United Evangelical Lutheran Church
Swiss Alp, Texas
photographed 11.25.2019

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  1. Churches are one of my favourite places to spend time doing the photography thing. I prefer natural light which always adds an extra dimension to the scene – and that scene changes through the day as sun moves through the sky. We are lucky here in the UK because many of our churches are very old and we can see where doorways, windows and rooflines have been altered through the ages, allowing us to imagine what might have been.


    • I love photographing in churches. It seems like the light is always magical, no matter the time of day or the weather outside.

      I’d love to get back to the UK one of these days and spend a concentrated amount of time photographing churches…


  2. Perfect title. Melinda. I know the term because I grew up in a family business that made them, but most people don’t know what that is today …


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