This is how bad it is: the lake looked pretty full to us, compared to how we remembered it. But looking across the water at the dam, it was clear that it was still very low, a detail confirmed by my favorite lake-monitoring website: this poor little lake is at only 11.5% of capacity.

Lake Mckenzie, Texas
photographed 12.26.2019

PS. I know it’s weird to have any kind of a lake-monitoring website, let alone a favorite one.

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  1. Not weird at all they have a lake monitoring website. A sign of the times. I believe it will become more and more and more important as time goes on.


    • You are right. My friend Darryl explained the particular problem with this lake over on my Facebook post. Here’s what he had to say:

      What is to blame is a lacerated upper watershed, where nearly every section of land that the Tule Draw runs through has a check dam on it, preventing runoff water from heavy rainfall periods from ever making it to Lake Mackenzie.

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  2. I do a lot of my photography around the Quabbin Reservoir watershed in central +/- Massachusetts. The state keeps tabs on the capacity level and we can check that. Fortunately it has never fallen to the low your lake has but a few years ago it was around 70% which is kind of a big deal since Boston and its surrounds get the majority of their water from this reservoir. You can see a comparison pair of shots here with the first being relatively low and having the beginning of a sand bar that is usually not visible when the water is where it should be. The second has a level much lower.

    Is that white post supposed to be a depth indicator? I hope you have had or will soon receive some significant rainfall. At one time water was the cause of a lot of battles out there. As Michael mentions, those time may soon return.


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