The Bleak Playground

I think my dad’s family moved to Mobeetie in the early 1930s; the bank my grandfather had in Branson, Colorado, didn’t survive the Depression so they came to Texas to make a new start. My dad lived there until he and eleven other students made up the graduating class of 1940. He was 16 when he graduated, and he headed off to what was then known as Texas Technological College. (He went from a town of 400 people to a college with an enrollment of just under 3,800. No wonder he flunked out.*)

I don’t really think this playground equipment was there when he was, but I did get a bit of a weird vibe from it. Of course, that might also have been from the cold wind that day…

Old Mobeetie, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

*Not to worry, though. He retuned to college and made straight As in his chosen field of civil engineering. The most frequently told story of my whole life was How I Was Too Young When I Went To College.

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  1. Very interesting. Was he studying civil engineering when he flunked out? Or something else? The composition in this photo is challenging. IE, it challenges the viewer.


    • He was studying engineering the first time around – I am pretty sure he was never going to be anything BUT an engineer!

      This photo is my favorite one from our trip to the northern Texas panhandle – I was happy with the way chopping off part of the climbing bars gave it a bit of tension.

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  2. It is bleak, and I can feel the weird vibe from here….


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