Tumbleweeds will tumble

If you’re from a windy place, you probably already noticed the way the netting is curving, pushed by the wind. And you have probably already noticed that those tumbleweeds are a little blurry because they were, in fact, tumbling by just as I made the images.

Do your thing, tumbleweeds!

Slaton, Texas
photographed 2.29.2020

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  1. Ah, memories of The Sons of the Pioneers. The only action in that ballpark is the tumbleweeds.Tumble on!


    • One of my earliest song memories is that Sons of the Pioneers song. My parents also had a Harry Belafonte record, and I can remember singing about loading banana boats when I was playing in the back year. Apparently I was one weird little kid…


      • If that’s weird then that makes two of us. My folks had several Belafonte records and I sang along with them too. My favorite was Day-O. Then I heard my voice recorded and that was the end of my singing.
        I used to also watch the Roy Rogers show and, if my memory serves, they were featured often.


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