Surely you didn’t expect me to just sit there, waiting for the green light, when I had a camera right there in the seat next to me?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.15.2020

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  1. Always love the power of the color red in a photograph. This one is exceptional, Melinda.


    • Thanks, Frank. I was trying out a new camera (my go-to shoots only black and white), to see if I could do anything useful in color. I learned that maybe I can, but it’s just luck and that I don’t really understand color the way I do b+w.

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      • Totally understand, Melinda. I relate to when I was in photo class in high school (back in the film days), my classmates pegged me as able to see black and white through the viewfinder, even though it was in color.


      • When I shoot with my Monochrom I can very rarely even remember what the colors were in real life. I’m not sure what that says about the way my brain works, but it’s probably (a) nothing good and (b) not a surprise to anyone.

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