Delivery Options

Rural Lubbock County isn’t hampered by any sort of zoning, or even codes/code enforcement. As a result, there are some pretty sketchy things out there on the edge of town. But the four-mailbox array was a nice find, nonetheless.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 3.17.2020

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  1. We had a rural letter carrier who liked the idea of delivery options.Later that day we all exchanged mail with the correct recipients. He was a one day wonder.
    Looks kinda wet.


    • Yesterday we received a letter addressed to my (sorry, this is a long explanation) father-in-law’s wife’s late husband. We never met the late husband as he was already late before she was in the picture. He lived on the other side of town from us. But it was strategy up his name at our address. What the hell is going on??!?

      “Delivery options” sounds sort of fun, a throwback to the olden days (February 2020) when we could meet up with the neighbors to sort things out.

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  2. Remind me of any number of songs by The Trailer Park Troubadours featuring Antsy McClain.


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