Mr. Leatherwood’s Hill

My standby Roads of Texas book indicated a cemetery along this county road. And sure enough, there it was. There were probably fewer than 100 marked graves, a handful of trees, and a burst of yellow flowers. And a lot of sky.

Fairview Cemetery
Dawson County, Texas
photographed 3.24.2020

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  1. Not a bad place to be…


  2. The stark simplicity of this picture speaks volumes. There can be loneliness in isolation, or there can be peace. In this particular case I’m voting for peace.


  3. That’s a nice spacious cemetery. I’m not planning on being interred, scattered to the Acadian mountaintop winds is more to my liking, but if I were to be that’s just the sort of place for me.
    Don’t know why, but I decided to look him up on Google. All I found was that he was a farmer. I imagine he’d be happy to be covered with flowers like that.


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