This time I was shooting through some old glass that had wire mesh inlaid in it. And look! The diagonal of the mesh and the diagonal of the stairs match.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.4.2020

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  1. Oh, I LIKE it!! So atmospheric……


  2. They do. And if you hadn’t told me I would’ve thought they were beams of light coming through windows.


  3. The mesh fooled me too.You could have kept that a secret and we’d have never known. Took me a sec to figure out those were stairs.Watch out for the hole with the one huge step.


    • Oh yeah. This is very cool…one of my mgh faves. I have looked at this photographer’s book a few times and although it’s not my style have enjoyed his work. This image along with several others of yours makes me think that you might like his work also.


    • I’ve actually been inside of this building, about 25 years ago. At one point it was a municipal power facility and when I was there, all the old equipment was still there. No telling how bad the air quality was inside there that day!


      • Glad that worked for you. I had taken the book out of the library a few times and after recommending to you decided to order a copy.

        I try not to think about working conditions “back in the day”. Life was tough. While I wouldn’t want to see such conditions return, we have become a bit soft with all the modern concern and conveniences for our welfare…which is a good thing. Up here in New England we’ve got stone walls all over the place. Those things didn’t build themselves and the stones didn’t come from Home Depot either. They plowed them up, moved ’em around, and hand stacked them. I forget how many miles of walls there are but it’s lots. Worked themselves to death they did.


      • There’s a place in Central Texas where the stone wall is made from limestone blocks that are the size of a refrigerator, which obviously required more than hands to stack. But still, a remarkable thing to look at.

        No stone walls around my part of Texas, though.

        Did you get the book yet?


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