Field Stripes

This view right here is why we came.*

Fallon, Washington
photographed 9.3.2020

*Along with about a thousand other vistas.

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  1. Hi, Did you and your family feel safe on your road trip due to the virus? I read your blog everyday and enjoy it very much!

    Thanks John


    • Thanks for reading the blog every day – I appreciate that.

      Our original plan was to fly to Spokane, but a few weeks out, I thought flying was the weakest part of the trip, from a risk-of-infection standpoint, so I rearranged it to be a driving vacation. And then, that very same day, the airline cancelled our itinerary; flight schedule changes meant we couldn’t even get to Spokane. So that worked out! Almost everywhere we went was very rural. We wore masks every time we were outside our vehicle, ate a lot of meals outside, and kept to ourselves – which is sort of how we travel anyway. The only place that made us a little nervous was Bozeman; we were there on a Friday night, just as Montana State was starting up; downtown Bozeman was full of mostly maskless students, so we didn’t stick around.

      It was a good trip – we drove 4,000 miles and I made about 2,000 photos.


  2. Thanks for answering my comment. I’m glad you all had a successful trip! I love road trips. the further off the beaten path I can get the better. I’m hoping to get going next spring.. virus permitting. A pleasure..


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