Smoke Settling into the Canyon

Normally, this view goes on just about forever.

A devastating wildfire season on the west coast gave us a much different view, with smoke settling into the canyons and giving everything a weird, muted look. (This was shot at mid-day.) But you know how I am: at least the situation gave me something different than the usual shots of bright blue skies, vivid red rocks, and a blue-green river, and I wasn’t too disappointed about that. “Anyone can get those shots,” I said to myself in a tone that was probably too smug for the actual situation.

But what I learned is that from a photographic standpoint, smoke doesn’t really add that much to an image. And I was reminded to stop being so damn smug, already.

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah
photographed 9.7.2020

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  1. Red sunrise, red moonrise, red sunsets, red moon, yellow sky all day, and yellow on the fire evacuation map (have your go-bag packed) Across the county line at the end of our street. Ah, September.


    • I can’t imagine the ongoing stress of living so close to the fires. Have the fires started to die out yet?


      • Most of them are still alive, just smaller. Sounds like most of the highways that were closed are now open. When the wind shifts we get smoke from either those fires, or from California. Most construction shut down for a week because of the air. Virus, protests, wildfires, we’re watching for locusts.


  2. Gorgeous black and white, Melinda. Love the layered composition with the layers of tones.


    • Thank you, Frank. I was hoping the smoke would have a little more definition in the image, but now I wonder what exactly I thought would provide that. It’s SMOKE! But still, I am happy with a photo of a familiar location that looks completely unlike what most people see.

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